BRICO 2017

Download links to BRICO 2017 photos

Here are the download links to the official BRICO 2017 photos:


MAY 17th – Display evaluation (by Edmond Mäll)

MAY 18th – Timed construction & loading (by Edmond Mäll)

BRICO 2017 (by Eva Laura Pärnak)

Media coverage of BRICO 2017

We have updated the list of links with media coverage of BRICO 2017 steel bridge competition. You can find them under “Media & feedback.

BRICO 2017 results

The results of BRICO 2017 steel bridge competition can be found and downloaded here:


BRICO 2017 schedule


Announcing the BRICO 2017 prizes


Companies that help us make BRICO happen: No1 – MARU EHITUS AS



BRICO team is glad to inform that we have found ourselves such an excellent partner as it is Maru Ehitus. Maru Ehitus supports us for the second time already, which has given us a lot of encouragement to continue our competition.

Maru Ehitus’ expertise includes general contracting, project management and design services. They have long-term experience in design and construction of different types of buildings and structures throughout Estonia and Europe.

Furthermore, when required, they have the capacity to utilize the long-term experience of their associated company Maru Metall, one of the leading steel structure producers in Estonia. Over the past two decades, they have acquired a great deal of experience in the design of steel, concrete and masonry structures

Maru Ehitus has built remarkable constructions in Estonia as well as elsewhere in Europe. One of many examples would be energy complex compound storage concrete bridge with a length of 27 m, a width of 14 m and a load capacity of 170 tons in Auvere, and their subsidiary Maru Betoonitööd OÜ was the main contractor for concrete constructions of Rummu tee pedestrian tunnel in 2015. This year construction works of REDI Center car tunnel in Helsinki Kalasatama have ended. Maru Metall AS has participated in the production of steel bridge elements in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Chile, with a total volume of nearly 900 tons.

As Maru Ehitus has been continuing to support us, we could not hold back our curiosity and asked them why they have chosen BRICO and got a response with surprising similarities between us.

1. What is the reason you decided to support BRICO event in the first place and why did choose to support us again this year?

BRICO is a great opportunity for us to promote the use of steel structures in buildings, to raise awareness among young engineers about Maru Ehitus as the steelwork engineering, production and installation market leader and to contribute to supporting the creativity of young engineers.

2. What are the shortcomings of young engineers in metal structures knowledge and skills?

Knowledge and skills in conjunction will come only with theory and practice. Young engineers have the knowledge to develop skills. Therefore, BRICO is a great mixture of effectuating theoretical knowledge and the ability to gather skills in reality.



Hea on tõdeda, et oleme leidnud omale niisuguse suurepärase koostööpartneri, kes soovib meid jätkuvalt toetada. Nii head ettevõtet juba igalt poolt ei leia.

Maru Ehitus AS on juhtiv tööstus- ja ärihoonete ning rajatiste projekteerimise ja ehitamisega tegelev ettevõte. Maru Ehitus projekteerib ning ehitab peamiselt Eestisse, Soome ja Rootsi. Koostöös sidusettevõttega Maru Metall AS, kes on Eesti juhtiv teraskonstruktsioonide tootja, omavad nad pikaajalist kogemust just teraskonstruktsioonide projekteerimisel, tootmisel ja montaažitöödel. Lisaks teostavad nad oma jõududega ka raudbetoonelementide paigalduse, raketise-, armatuuri- ja betoneerimistöid.

Maru Ehitus on ehitanud märkimisväärseid ehitisi nii Eesti kui ka mujal. Üks näide paljudest oleks energiakompleksi ühendlao betoonsild pikkusega 27 m, laiusega 14 m ja kandevõimega 170 tonni Auveres Ida-Virumaal ning tütarettevõte Maru Betoonitööd OÜ on 2015. aastal teostanud Rummu tee jalakäijate tunneli betoonitööd. Käesoleval aastal lõpetasid Soomes Helsingis Kalasatama REDI keskuse autotunneli 1 ehitustööd ning hoonetevaheliste galeriide terassildade tootmise ja paigaldustööd. Maru Metall AS on osalenud terassilla elementide tootmises nii Soomes, Rootsis, Norras kui ka Tšiilis, elementide kogumahuga ligi 900 tonni.

Kuna Maru Ehitus on meid jätkuvalt toetanud, siis ei suutnud me oma uudishimu tagasi hoida ning küsisime neilt, miks nad on valinud just BRICO ja saime vastuseks üllatavad sarnasused meie vahel.

1. Mis põhjusel otsustasite esimesel aastal BRICO üritust sponsoreerida ja mille pärast otsustasite selle kasuks ka teisel aastal?

BRICO on meie jaoks suurepärane võimalus propageerida teraskonstruktsioonide kasutust ehitiste rajamisel, tõsta noorte inseneride teadlikkust Maru Ehitusest kui teraskonstruktsioonide projekteerimise, tootmise ja paigalduse turuliidrist ning anda oma panus noorte inseneride loovuse toetamiseks.

2. Millised on vajakajäämised noorte inseneride metallkonstruktsioonide teadmistes ja oskustes?

Teadmised ja oskused saavad tulla vaid teooria ja praktika koosmõjus. Noortel inseneridel on olemas teadmised, et oskusi arendada. BRICO ongi hea kooslus teoreetiliste teadmiste rakendamisest reaalsuses, ehk oskuste kogumises.


BRICO 2017 pre-evaluation results

Credit points for all participants


12 days until we close the applications for BRICO 2017


Happy New Year from the Brico family!
It’s less than two weeks until we close the applications for BRICO 2017 steel bridge competition on January 16th – only 12 days left, to be precise. Hurry up and send us your bridge drawings to get an opportunity to participate in one of the most amazing student competitions in Estonia, full of unforgettable memories and many new friends from all over the world.

Christmas greetings

Christmas greetings from the BRICO family!

We are happy to see BRICO 2016 as one of the biggest achievements this year in Tallinn University of Technology.

Take a look at the other achievements here.

BRICO is now giving out ECTS credit

BRICO is now giving out ECTS credit for participants! More detailed information coming soon! Stay tuned!

About BRICO in Studioosus

In October’s issue of TUT student magazine Studioosus an article can be found about this year’s competition BRICO 2016. The article can be found on pages 10-13 of Studioosus.


BRICO 2017 is coming!

Find the new and updated rules and regulations for the upcoming competition at


BRICO 2016 in magazines

Over the summer, some articles about BRICO have been published. Take a look into TeeLeht and Inseneeria and find out more about the competition.



Media coverage

Links to media coverage of BRICO 2016 added under “Media & feedback“.

Download links to BRICO 2016 photos

Here are the download links to the official BRICO 2016 photos:

MAY 16th – Meet & greet
MAY 17th – Practice day & field trip with Professor Karl Õiger
MAY 18th – Opening ceremony & display evaluation
MAY 19th – Timed construction & loading
MAY 20th – Award ceremony

Photos by Edmond Mäll and Eva Laura Pärnak.



The results of BRICO 2016 steel bridge competition can be found and downloaded here:


Final preparations

Giving the final touch to the working sites


Updated rules and regulations

We have updated some drawings in the rules and regulations of BRICO 2016. You can find and download it here.

One week left!

Someone is already set for the competition. Whose bridge is it?!?


MAY 20th – Award ceremony

MAY 19th – Timed construction & loading

MAY 18th – Opening ceremony & display evaluation

MAY 17th – Practice day & field trip with Professor Karl Õiger

MAY 16th – Meet & greet

Determination of location of the off center loading

Random location of the off center loading will be determined during the Opening Ceremony using random number generator on website (the randomness behind the numbers comes from atmospheric noise).


BRICO 2016 is coming!

Less than 2 weeks left until the BRICO 2016 steel bridge competition starts! Here is a sneak peek of how we are getting prepared.


Testing of the steel frame

The steel frame, where the bridges legs will be fixed to, was tested with an actual arc bridge model with the competition load (horizontal reaction at each leg was approximately 4 kN) and we can assure that displacement in x direction is less than 2 mm (see “Rules and regulations” 3.3).


Announcing the BRICO 2016 prizes


Gallery – Tallinn

Photos by Kadi-Liis Koppel, Maret Põldveer-Turay, Allan Alajaan, Kirsti Eerik, Marko Leppik, Maili Saia, Mari Kadanik and Ain Avik / Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau

Gallery – Tallinn University of Technology

Measuring deflections during the vertical loading

Deflections are measured in two locations: at mid-span and a random location between 800 mm to 1700 mm from midpoint of the span. Extra steel bars (without any loading) are going to be placed at both locations and vertical deflection is going to be measured using digital devices at the centre of those bars. To calculate the cost of vertical displacement, we will be using the reading from one of the measuring devices which has the biggest absolute value.


In order to avoid any misunderstandings, please note that the bridge’s legs will not be fixed during the timed construction. The bridge will be fixed to a special steel frame only for the horizontal and vertical load tests. So, while you divide your bridge into construction elements, we recommend that you check that the bridge’s legs will be stable and able to stand up without falling over.

Pre-evaluation results

Pre-evaluation results

Applications are now closed!

Applications for the BRICO 2016 steel bridge competition are now closed. The results of pre-evaluation will be published on the website on Monday 8th of February. Good luck!

Possible problems with registration

We heard that there might be some problems with registration as some of the files required might be too big for our mail server to handle. If this error occurs while uploading, you can send your information and files directly to our email Services like WeTransfer ( or File Convoy ( might also come in handy.

Appendix 1 – Specifications for the loading bars and aprons

Appendix 1 can be found here:

Less than a week left!!!

Only six days left until the end of registration for BRICO 2016 steel bridge competition! The deadline for application is on Monday February the 1st.

Registration is available here:

More acceptable file formats added!!

As we heard that not everyone is familiar with the .ifc file, we have decided to add some more acceptable file formats besides that:
.rtd (Autocad Robot Structural Analysis)
.std (
.sdb (SAP2000)

To see more questions (and answers) or ask your own, feel free to visit “Forum” under

One month left!

Happy New Year from the BRICO 2016 team!
Only one month left until the deadline for sending the application together with the required drawings and the IFC file!


In addition to .ifc model and drawings of your bridge we ask you to send a Certificate of Student Status for each team member when registering for BRICO 2016. You can probably ask one from your university.
Registration available at until February 1st 2016.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on under “Forum” or by email

Pre-registration available!

We have added a BRICO 2016 pre-registration form to our website. Pre-registration is not compulsory for Your team, but it helps us to get a better overview of roughly how many teams are planning to participate in BRICO 2016 and by that we can be sure that we have taken every single participant into account during the organizing process. Pre-registration will also not entail any obligations, if You decide not to participate for some reasons, just let us know by sending an email to

Pre-registration can be found at

BRICO 2016 team wishes you all good luck designing the world’s greatest steel bridge!

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